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Crystal Duggan



Founder, Postpartum & Infant Care Doula
Certified Sleep Educator & Motherhood Adviser


We support parents and caregivers with knowledge, understanding and non-judgmental support giving parents the confidence they need to make informed choices about how they choose to raise their children. Increasing family bonds to truly connect with your tiny humans and be the parents they want to be.


 We provide superior support, information, and education without judgment or bias.  To provide excellence in caring for yourself, your family, and you're most precious little.   


Who doesn't love babies and children, especially when they naturally gravitated towards you, even the shy and insecure?  I am the eldest of three girls but also the eldest out of ten cousins, naturally, I ended up taking care of all the kids during family parties; too old to be one of the kids but too young to be allowed to join the adults for real conversations.  Finally, at 12 years old I received my babysitter’s certificate through Red Cross and I was off with my first business.  Between my Mom, Dad and referrals I was booked every single weekend, had a wait list and independence to do whatever I wanted.  I loved playing with the kids and figuring out creative ways to tire them out before bed, so I could raid the kitchen.  Little did I realize how this early experience would shape my future career. 

I am a military B.R.A.T. (Born, Raised and Trained), with both my parents' served in the Canadian Armed Forces.  As you can imagine we were always on time, respectable and organized (CRAZY Organized), life was hectic, but we did have lots of fun when we could get face to face family time. I always remember being surrounded by a community of women, families, and children.  Everyone looked out and helped everyone else just like kindergarten.   I gained some pretty amazing skills, insights, and abilities during this time.

My Husband and I met at a "Stag n Doe" in his hometown, our first date was a wedding and we have been together ever since.  Fast forward 2 careers, 2 graduations, and 8 fast years we finally got married said our families.  We welcomed our first daughter River in 2013 and our second daughter Sage in 2015 both with amazing Midwives care and support which changed how we looked at birth.  They made the journey enjoyable, answered all my questions and followed my birth plans and wishes. This was my first introduction to birth work.  I had no idea what a Doula or a Postpartum Doula was, but I could have used both!

With all my experience with babies and children, I thought I would have motherhood in the bag!  Turns out I had no idea what I was getting myself into.  I assumed nine months was enough time to prepare myself to be a Mother but it took me an entire year to figure out the kind of mother I was, not who I thought I should be. I struggled with breastfeeding, feeling isolated, postpartum depression and living in constant fear of everything all the time.   The idea of having such a small helpless baby relying on you 24/7 for everything was overwhelming, but I came to realize it was all NORMAL.  This was a right of passage that many a parent has taken and I was going to figure this motherhood thing out.  Hindsight is 20/20 if only we had more support after birth, someone in our corner cheering us on and encouraging us to follow our instincts would make the journey much easier with less noise.  

This realization brought me to seek out a new way of supporting infants and families.  A friend also a Birth Doula informed me about becoming a postpartum & infant care doula and it turned out to be the perfect fit.  I could educate and support families, infants and moms helping them care for them their new babies.  It is my passion to support the birthing parent through recovery, help families adjust to this new life and the baby’s adjustment to life on the outside.  I am so grateful to be a support for families that everyone needs after welcoming a new life into the world. I am so grateful to be a part of growing a group of strong and compassionate birth workers