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Hello, bonjour and welcome to my crazy, free and real zone of the internet.  I am a fierce woman, a loyal friend, loving wife to my best friend Darryl and mother of 2 adventurous girls River and Sage.  Over eight years ago my life drastically changed with the birth of our first daughter.  I dealt with overwhelm, exhaustion, my new identity, triggers, trauma, guilt, isolation, mom-shaming and of course my favourite friend fear, oh the fear which took over for many years.  As a child at heart, I thrive on freedom and fun but the fear was overwhelming after having kids and it kept me home and alone.  Fast forward to pandemic 2020 my successful Doula business rug was ripped from under my feet and I was free-falling, that was the last straw!!  Changes needed to be made!!

I got back into shape with MTB (thank you Darryl) and Dance Glow to feel strong, capable and confident. Got my Mama Bear Back! I have always been someone who thrives on an adventure with a bit of risk, loving any adrenaline rush and up for trying new things.  Faced my fears and myself in the mirror, scary shit ladies but worth it and did the deep inner work.  Then it was time to take my business online to help reach more Moms and littles.  My mission is to empower Moms to be the real women they always were regardless of Motherhood and to be a voice for the littles. Who said we couldn’t be real, wild, crazy, goofy, loud Moms?  Making Moms is about becoming the Mom you need to be not the Mom you should be, let’s redefine Motherhood together for the modern age.  Be Real | Be Free | Be YOU!

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